Which option is best for me?  Short Film or Mini Movie?  

It depends on the personality of you and your group.  If you like to speak on camera, tell your story, and have an outgoing bridal party, I would definitely go with the Mini Movie.  It will have tons of sound bites and interview moments, especially if you're popping bottles and having fun during prep.  If not, I would go with the Short Film which shows highlights, but the audio is more focused on the ceremony, toasts, and music.

Do I need a 2nd Videographer?

Usually not necessary.  With one videographer, we would typically stay with the bride until the dress is on and a few pictures are taken, then we find the groom. Or go to the groom first, then the bride.  No matter what you choose, we try to cover both bride and groom.  It's only challenging when there are two photographers doing things at the same time at different locations, which is not too common.  Feel free to call us to discuss your particular situation.

Is there a travel fee?  

No travel fees at this time.  We travel a lot and build our schedule off of our wedding bookings, so if we say we're available for your date, we will be in that area, no problem!

Who is Randy?

Funny Fact:  there is no actual Randy that works here.  The name comes from our old recording studio and is based on a guitar joke.  We're actually a husband and wife team named David and Gillian.

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