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Family Keepsake


Document the life stories of your loved ones with a keepsake film

  • Interviews will be conducted in your family home or location of choice (except mini sessions)

  • We'll include your family photos on a designated camera; no scanning needed

  • Professional camera, lighting, and audio equipment 

  • Please allow 30 minutes of set up time

Life Stories

$650 Life Story Interview (one person or married couple) 

Life Stories are perfect for creating memories of parents or grandparents.   We conduct an extensive interview with a loved one about their story in all stages of life.  Family photos can be used to drive the story and memories.  We have plenty of questions and topics to cover and it takes about an hour.

Mini Session

$325 Mini Session (one person or married couple) 

Only on select dates at a designated location.  Contact for details.

On certain days, we'll set up a series of 45 minute Mini Session interviews.  If you're interested let us know and we'll add you to the list for the next one.  

Questions?  Contact us here

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