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Family Keepsake


Document the life stories of your loved ones with a keepsake film

  • Interviews will be conducted in your family home or location of choice

  • We'll include your family photos on a designated camera; no scanning needed

  • Professional camera, lighting, and audio equipment 

  • Please allow 30 minutes of set up time

Life Story Collection

$650 Life Story (single person) 

$850  Life Stories (a married couple) 

Life Stories are perfect for creating memories of parents or grandparents.   We conduct an extensive interview with a loved one about their story in all stages of life.  Family photos and videos can be added to enhance the story.  We have plenty of questions and topics to cover.

Generation Collection

$1250 Two Generations 

$1600 Three Generations 

$1950 Four Generations

Generations are children, parents, or grand parents of one family name.  For example, the title of the film will be "The Smith's"

The Generation Collection features group interviews and discussions with selected members of the family.  Much like the Life Stories, we will talk about the family history and tell stories, but in a group setting.  We have plenty of topics to cover!  We can use family photos or video to enhance the story.

Family Gathering 

$2600 Family Gathering Package

Organize a gathering at your family property or location of choice.   This could be a BBQ, crawfish boil, leisure activity, etc.  We'll begin by shooting options from the Generations Collection and move on to all family members having fun, cooking, and giving candid short interviews.  Invite as many people as you'd like, but remember we are focusing on one family name in the interviews and the focus should be on children, parents, and grandparents.

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